System Alert: New Schedules Go Into Effect Starting October 30, 2022

Ride the Vine App – City of Napa

Riders may be picked up and travel to any bus stop in the City of Napa between 7:00AM and 5:30PM Monday to Friday and 7:30am to 5:30pm on Saturday. Please only take on-demand if your trip is not served by fixed route. For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Click Here.

To request a pickup:

Los autobuses de Vine operan en servicio a pedido en la cuidad de Napa. Los clientes pueden ser recogidos y viajar entre paradas a cualquier parada de autobús en la ciudad de Napa entre las 7:00 a.m. y las 5:30 p.m. de lunes a viernes y 7:30am to 5:30pm de sabado. Solo tome a pedido si su viaje no tiene una ruta fija. Para Preguntas Frecuentes Haga ClicAqui

Solicita un viaje:

The NVTA Board has approved a policy change related to no-shows for on-demand trips. A no-show is when a rider does not take a scheduled ride and the driver goes to the stop and waits for the customer. Customers can still feel free to cancel rides on the app or over the phone.   Click here for additional details.

No-Show Policy for On-Demand Service

The NVTA Board has approved a policy change related to no-shows for on-demand trips. A no-show is when a rider does not take a scheduled ride and the driver goes to the stop and waits for the customer. Customers can still feel free to cancel rides on the app or over the phone prior to when the driver arrives. prior to when the driver arrives.   Starting December 1, 2021, missing a minimum of three (3) trips or 10% or more of a passenger’s total trips in a calendar month is considered chronic no-show behavior. If a rider presents chronic no-show behavior he or she will be provided with written notification of their impending suspension and the degree of their penalty.  The penalties are described below:

  • 1st month – Passenger will receive a phone call and a letter to review the policy and rider expectations.
  • 2nd month – Seven (7) day suspension
  • 3rd month – Fourteen (14) day suspension
  • 4th month and after – increasing penalties by one (1) week up to one (1) month suspension.
  • Penalties will reset after a year period from the first warning letter.

At any point that an individual receives a written warning or impending suspension notice, they may appeal the suspension within sixty (60) days of receipt.  The appeals panel will render a final written decision within thirty (30) days of receiving the appeal.  During the period of suspension, the rider is able to continue to use the Vine fixed-route service.

Ausencias en Servicios Bajo Demanda

La Junta Directiva de la Agencia de Trasportación  aprobó una nueva política relacionada con ausencias en servicios  a pedido. Este término de ausencia ocurre cuando un pasajero/a no está presente a tiempo para su salida programada, y el conductor llega a la parada de autobús y espera por el pasajero/a. Los pasajeros pueden cancelar su ride de servicio en la aplicación móvil o por llamada telefónica antes de la llegada del conductor Esta política se aplicará a partir  del 1 de diciembre de 2021 para pasajeros con un mínimo de tres ausencias o más. Para aquellos pasajeros cuya suma de viajes presenten una ausencia del 10% o más porcentaje del total de sus viajes realizados durante un mes calendario, los cuales serán considerados clientes con conducta de ausencia crónica. Si la conducta de un pasajero es considerada ausencia crónica, recibirán una advertencia escrita informándoles de su suspensión del servicio y el grado de su penalidad impuesta.  Se señalan las siguientes penalidades:

  •   Primer mes- El pasajero recibirá una llamada por teléfono y una advertencia escrita con la política y expectativa del pasajero.
  •  Segundo mes- Siete (7) días suspensión del servicio 
  •  Tercer mes- Catorce días suspensión del servicio 
  •  Cuarto mes o más. Las penalidades podrán incrementar desde una semana hasta un mes suspensión.
  • Las penalidades tendrán una vigencia de un año contados a partir de la primera advertencia.

Los clientes que reciban advertencias escritas o noticias de suspensión,  podrán presentar una apelación en un plazo de sesenta (60) días contados a partir de su notificación. Se proporcionará una resolución en treinta (30) días contados a partir de la fecha de la apelación. Durante el periodo de suspensión, el pasajero todavía tendrá acceso al uso de los autobuses de Vine con ruta y horario fijo.


  • Download the RidetheVine app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Select the City of Napa and create a user ID. You will be required to provide an email address and a phone number. Your email address will create a unique user ID. Your phone number is needed so we can contact your id there is an issue.
  • We will never use your email address or phone number for promotion or share it with a third party.


  • Now that you are logged in you can request your trip. Hit the ‘Start’ button to get going. You can select any stop on the map as a pick-up location. If you select a location outside the service area the system will warn you that is not an allowed trip.
  • Once you’ve selected your pick-up location it will be marked by an ‘A’ on your map. When you see that just hit ‘Next’. Then select your drop-off location in the same way you made your pick-up and it will be marked as a ‘B’ on your map.


  • After your pick-up and drop-off locations have been selected hot’Next’/ You’ll be able to provide the details for your trip.
  • Select how many passengers are riding and if any special accommodations are needed such as a wheelchair. Once completed, hit ‘Submit’ and your ride with be on its way!


  • The app will update you on the status of your ride so you are never guessing. The app provides an expected time of arrival which updates every two minutes.
  • The RidetheVine app will notify your with a ‘Honk’ when your driver arrives. You can also cancel your ride through the app should your plans change!