Ride the Vine App

Stop waiting on hold!

Request a ride the easy way with our RidetheVine app!

The app is free to download, easy to use, and provides real-time information on your bus location – you’ll never miss us, and we’ll never miss you!

Available on the Apple Store
Android App on Google Play

Or, use the desktop version at the links below:

American Canyon:  https://nvta-american-canyon.tapridemobile.com/ride/#/

Calistoga: https://calistogashuttle.tapridemobile.com/ride/#/

City of Napa: https://cityofnapavine.tapridemobile.com/ride/#/

St. Helena:  https://sthelenashuttle.tapridemobile.com/ride/#/

Yountville: https://yountvilletrolley.tapridemobile.com/ride/#/