NVTA is committed to 100% accessibility for all of its services.

What ADA Eligibility Means for Persons with Disabilities in Napa County.

The ADA law was created to assure that all persons with disabilities, who cannot use the regular fixed route bus, have complementary transportation to a bus system. This means that a person who cannot use the regular bus should be able to travel on the same days, during the same hours, and in the same general area as the bus travels, for a fare, which is not more than twice what the bus would charge an adult passenger. The Vine Go Paratransit Service is designed to meet these requirements.

This special type of transportation service is limited to persons who are unable to independently use regular public transit, some or all the time, due to a disability or a health related condition.

NVTA has always been committed to ensuring that everyone is able to ride our transit services. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) gives people with disabilities broader rights and protections, including access to public transportation. In accordance with the ADA, the NVTA has taken specific steps to offer services for people with disabilities.

Accessible Transit

Travel on Vine Transit’s Family of Services is safe and easy for people with disabilities.
Buses have:

  • The capability to kneel or lower for customer convenience.
  • Wheelchair Lifts (on high-floor buses) or ramps (on low-floor buses).
  • Two securement areas for wheeled mobility devices.
  • Automated and driver stop announcements at all major stops.
  • Destination signs that are bright and easy to read.
  • Priority seating areas (normally found near the front of the bus).

VineGo is Vine Transit’s paratransit service.

Find a full list and descriptions of our on demand and flexible services here.

Travel Training

NVTA offers travel training through the Vine Transit Ambassador Program. The program offers personalized orientation for new users of public transit in Napa County. Trained volunteers assist new riders in learning how to read schedules, use transfers, plan a trip, and more. Participants receive one 30-day bus pass for free.

To schedule your training with a Vine Transit Ambassador call 707-259-8627.

Vine Transit ADA Advisory Committee

NVTA is committed to ensuring the accessibility of public transportation for people who have disabilities. The Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) is our link to the disability community and provides us with valued input on accessibility from the community’s perspective. We invite you to check out a meeting and encourage you to get involved.