System Alert: Face masks now required onboard Vine buses

Fares & Passes

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Online Pass Store

Visit our online store to buy paper passes mailed to your home!


Adult (19-64)$1.60
Youth (6-18)$1.10
*Seniors (65+), disabled individuals, or Medicare Card holders
**Fare on Routes 10X, 11X, and 21
***Fare for Route 29


Day Pass*20-Ride Pass**31-Day Pass*BART 31-Day Pass***
Adult (19-64)$6.50$29.00$53.00$120.00
Youth (6-18)$4.50$20.00$36.00$120.00
*Not valid on Route 29
**Routes 1-8, 10, 11 one "ride" Routes 10X, 11X, and 21 two "rides", Route 29 three "rides"
***Valid on all Vine routes


Transfers on the Vine are free. Please ask for transfers when boarding. Transfers are valid for one and a half hours after they are issued. No free transfers between Routes 10 and 11. There are no free transfers to the Route 29. Transfers cannot be used on the same route.

Ways to Pay

Mobile Payment

Token Transit

Standard Payment

You can purchase passes by phone 707. 251. 2800, by mail, or through the link above.

Passes are sold at the following locations:

Transit Center
625 Burnell St.
Napa 94559

American Canyon Recreation Department
4381 Broadway Street, Suite 106
American Canyon 94503