How To Ride

What you need to know when riding The Vine

Planning your Trip:

  • Check the system map to see where the Vine can take you.
  • Use the homepage trip planner to get travel itineraries.
  • Using the homepage Arrivals tab, enter your desired route and stop to get real time arrival updates.

Bus Stops: For your safety, buses stop only at designated bus stops. Look for clearly marked signs. It is recommended to be at the bus stop 5 minutes early. To exit a bus, signal the driver by pressing (or pulling) the yellow or black mounted touch strips or pull cords. In smaller buses you may also tell your driver which stop you wish to exit.

Transfers: Transfers are issued free at time of boarding ONLY. Transfers are good for one hour from the time punched. There are no free transfers between the Routes 10 and 11 or to the Route 29.

Flag Stops: Routes 10 and 11 allow riders to board/exit at “flag stops” located throughout the Napa Valley. A flag stop is a location where a driver can safely pull over if a passenger is present and “flags down” the bus to request a pick up. Please contact the Vine Customer Service Office (251-2800) for a list and description of Route 10 and 11 Flag Stops.

Bikes on Buses: All buses (except VineGo and Calistoga Shuttle) are equipped with bike racks, located on the front bumper of the bus, and can accommodate 2-3 bicycles at a time. Availability of bike racks is on a first-come, first-served basis. Bicyclists are responsible for loading, securing and unloading their bicycles. Bus drivers will not assist.

Reasonable accommodation: Public transit passengers with disabilities may request reasonable modifications be made to accommodate their use of public transit. Requests should be made in written form and submitted to the Manager of Public Transit at 625 Burnell St., Napa, CA 94559.

Do you need assistance planning your trip or learning how to ride the bus?: We have a travel training program that can help you learn how to use the bus. This program is comprised of a group of volunteers who will take you out and teach you how to use the bus. You will also receive a free 31-day pass so you can learn how to use the bus on our dime. To schedule an appointment please call our main administrative line at (707) 259-8631.

General Rules

Conduct: To keep The Vine enjoyable for all, smoking, eating, drinking, radios playing sound without earphones, littering, vandalism, offensive language or behavior or animals (unless a service animal is in a pet carrier) are not permitted.

While on the Bus: We suggest that you remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. If you must stand, use the handrails for safety. Seats near the front are reserved for elderly and disabled persons. Please move if requested by the driver.

Food & Drinks: To keep buses clean, open food and drink containers are not permitted on the bus. Travel mugs and sippy cups with tight-fitting, secure lids are OK.

Carry-On Items: Limit carry-ons to the size and number you can easily handle. Limit 4 bags up to 25 pounds each. No flammable or hazardous items.

Lost & Found: If you lose something on the bus, call The Vine customer service office at (707) 251-2800. Tell us the date and time you lost the item, the route and a complete description of the item. Likewise, please inform the driver when you find something left on the bus.

Mobility Devices & Service Animals

Wheelchairs: All Vine vehicles can accommodate any wheelchair that does not exceed 30 inches in width and 48 inches in length as measured two inches above the ground, and does not weigh more than 600 pounds when occupied. The Vine service makes every effort to accommodate larger mobility devices whenever possible.

Securing Mobility Devices: All wheelchairs and scooters must be secured. You may transfer to a seat if desired. If you remain in your wheelchair or scooter, the driver will recommend that you are secured with an over shoulder strap.

Walkers: The driver will secure walkers inside the bus.

Oxygen Units: If you need to travel with an oxygen unit, a portable unit is preferred. If you have a large oxygen cylinder, it must be transported in a holder on wheels or attached firmly to a manual wheelchair.

Boarding by the Wheelchair Lift: Passengers who prefer to board the bus using the lift should ask the driver to assist them.

Service Animals: Some people with disabilities have specially trained service animals to assist them in their daily activities. Service animals are welcome at all times. The service animal may travel on the floor beside its owner, or on the owner’s lap. Animals are not permitted to run free inside the bus, nor sit on bus seats.

If you have questions about the safe boarding or the securement of your wheelchair, service animal or other mobility device, contact The Vine customer service office at (707) 251-2800.