Vine Transit launches services changes on June 16

Minor modifications to bus services across Napa Valley will begin on June 16, 2024. Please check the new Regional/Express Routes that cover Napa County, as well as the Local Routes in the City of Napa for an updated schedule. You can download PDFs of the new route schedules below.

Specifically, the changes affect:

·  Route F in the City of Napa, which will now travel counterclockwise on Imola/Soscol/Gasser Drive to serve the shelter in front of the movie theater

·  Route 10 will have minor changes to the schedule and will now serve the Yountville Veteran’s Home on all trips after 9 AM

·  Route 11 will have minor changes to the schedule and will stop inside the Health & Human Services campus parking lot in both directions.

·  The American Canyon & St. Helena School Trippers will not operate until August.

For questions or concerns, call the Vine Transit customer service line at 707-251-2800.